About Us

India based Plabeltech is built on chemical technologies invented by Prof. Vishal Rai and his colleagues. The company delivers precision labeling of proteins and antibodies with the probe of interest. It offers excellent flexibility to the researchers regarding the site of conjugation and type of probe. The technological breakthrough also makes it possible to render ample quantity of analytically pure tagged proteins. Homogeneously immobilized proteins and antibodies are also delivered as per the requirement.

The unambiguous analysis is the essential component of products prepared at Plabeltech. We developed an in-house kit for multifold enhancement in the sensitivity of peptide detection (MS), peptide mapping (MS), and their fragments (MS-MS). These kits are also available to the scientific community.

Core Scientific Team

Dr. Srinivasa R. Adusumalli
Bioconjugate Chemistry
Dr. Ram K. Mishra
Biological Sciences
Prof. Saptarshi Mukherjee
Biophysical Chemistry
Dr. Vishal Rai
Chemical Biology, Bioconjugate Chemistry

Legal, Finance, and Tech team

Mr. Preetam Meena
IT Manager


Prof. Andrei K. Yudin
University of Toronto


Dr. Vishal Rai
Er. Vikas Rai

Prospective candidates and trainees should send their detailed CV to [email protected]

Innovation at Plabeltech is a constant process. Several reagents and kits are developed in-house and employed for preparing the end products on routine basis. For more information on the ongoing research projects, feel free to contact us.